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Do I need a drone flight permit?

Radio controlled drones are classified in the "unmanned aerial vehicles" category, which subjects to specific flight rules. The rules are developed to assure safety for different aircrafts, such as drones, planes, helicopters etc. You have to mind the flight altitude and location while flying a drone in Estonia. The Estonian airspace is divided into different zones - some of the airspace is controlled airspace and some of it is not. In order to fly a drone in the controlled airspace zone (depending on the flight altitude), the pilot must have a flight permit. Depending on the altitude, there may be more extra conditions, such as radio communication with the air traffic controller etc. The controlled airspace starts at 150m altitude, and the pilot does not need a flight permit, when flying lower. The controlled airspace near airports starts from the ground, and a flight permit is needed from the Civil Aviation Administration.

You can see the map of the different flight zones in Estonia and apply for a flight permit on this page: 

Necessary information, which a drone pilot should read: