Polarpro FiftyFifty Over/Under Dome H5/6B

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  • Designed specifically for the GoPro Hero5/6 Black
  • Includes FiftyFifty dome, floating grip, lanyard & neoprene cover
  • PolarPro custom optics for enhanced clarity
  • Easy snap-in design for quickly installing and removing
  • Floats GoPro when using with the included grip
  • Removable lens allows you to clean or replace as needed

The PolarPro FiftyFifty was designed so you can capture creative split-level photos and videos. The FiftyFifty pushes water away from the camera lens so it can capture what is under and over the water line. It is compatible with the GoPro Hero5 Black camera only. The latch system allows you to quickly and securely install your GoPro Hero5 from the Dome. The dome is designed using PolarPro’s custom optics specially for the Hero5 Black. The FiftyFifty comes with a grip, and when used together will float your GoPro. The Hero5 Black installs right into the port, so you do not need any extra housings. Capture new and creative split level shots with the PolarPro FiftyFifty.

The PolarPro FiftyFifty allows you to capture unique over / under shots with your GoPro Hero5. This Hero5 dome uses PolarPro optics for capturing razor sharp images and videos. Installation is easy, simply place your Hero5 into the FiftyFifty and lock it down. Included with the Hero5 dome is a floating grip, as well as a neoprene lens cover for traveling.

This Hero5 Dome is intended to be used with the Hero5 Black Camera for split level surface shots. It is not intended for diving as the Hero5 is only waterproof to 33 feet. 


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