Camera GoPro HERO5 Black
Camera GoPro HERO5 Black
Camera GoPro HERO5 Black
Camera GoPro HERO5 Black
Camera GoPro HERO5 Black
Camera GoPro HERO5 Black
Camera GoPro HERO5 Black
Camera GoPro HERO5 Black
Camera GoPro HERO5 Black
Camera GoPro HERO5 Black
Camera GoPro HERO5 Black
Camera GoPro HERO5 Black
Camera GoPro HERO5 Black
Camera GoPro HERO5 Black
Camera GoPro HERO5 Black
Camera GoPro HERO5 Black
Camera GoPro HERO5 Black
Camera GoPro HERO5 Black
Camera GoPro HERO5 Black
Camera GoPro HERO5 Black

Camera GoPro HERO5 Black

Product code: CHDHX-502

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Ruggedized and ready for adventure, the GoPro HERO5 Black action camera can be taken to the skies, over rough terrain, and even underwater without flinching, recording 4K videos and 12MP photos along the way. The sealed rubberized chassis allows the HERO5 Black to be taken to depths of 33' without the need for an external housing. So whether your escapades take you to the lands of concrete, sand, dirt, snow, or water, the HERO5 Black is prepared to record with a single button press. Once you have finished recording, use the touchscreen to playback and even edit your footage right on the camera.

It's hard to speak about the versatility of the HERO5 Black and not mention the mounting possibilities available through the included and separately available accessories. The Frame is included with the HERO5 Black and not only adds another layer of protection, it provides an interface to the world of 3-prong accessories. To get you started, a mounting buckle quick-release for The Frame and two adhesive mounts (one curved and one straight) with quick-releases are included. Other accessories such as handlebar mounts, selfie sticks, suction cups, and dive housings for creative placement of the HERO5 Black are available separately.

Not only is it more versatile than previous generation HEROs, it's also easier to use. A touchscreen graces the rear surface, displaying a revamped user interface, while the front screen combined with the top and side buttons offer a more traditional one-button control experience. If the camera is off, pressing the record button will power it on and immediately start recording. Hands-free control is also possible using the built-in Voice Control feature. Speaking simple voice commands can control various functions inside the camera, including start/stop video recording, photo burst, and more.

Quick Features

  • Photos: Up to 12MP, 30fps burst, time lapse mode, raw file option, Wide Dynamic Range mode
  • Videos: Up to 30fps in UHD 4K, up to 80fps in 1440p, up to 120fps in 1080p
  • Waterproof to 33'
  • Simple one-button control
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Advanced wind-noise reduction using 3 microphones
  • Voice control
  • Digital video stabilization
  • Rear touchscreen display
  • Automatic upload to the cloud
  • Built-in GPS

Video Recording Modes

Select the desired resolution to fit your project. Record in UHD 4K resolution up to 30fps or switch to lower resolutions such as 1080p and 720p for access to higher frame rates, more FOV (Field Of View) options, and electronic stabilization. In 2.7K widescreen and lower resolutions, for instance, narrower FOV options open up, including Medium, Narrow, and the new Linear mode (only available in 2.7K and 1080p settings), which corrects the lens's barrel distortion.

All video recording modes can be as simple or advanced as you want them to be. If you only want to ensure that a shot is captured, auto-exposure is at your disposal. For those who are shooting less off-the-cuff footage and want complete control, manual control of exposure is also available.

Audio for video is recorded using three microphones. In normal conditions, the HERO5 Black will process the audio for a stereo signal. If high winds start affecting the audio, the HERO5 Black can intuit which microphone is picking up the best sound and automatically switch to that microphone in real-time and filter out any excess wind noise. While the audio will only be in mono, you will know that you're getting the highest possible audio quality.

Photo Modes

Raw File Option: In addition to standard JPEG capture, the HERO5 Black can also capture raw images in the .GPR format. Raw images offer enthusiasts or professional photographers more flexibility after the photo is taken. Raw images can be processed after-the-fact for higher quality output.

WDR Mode: Bridging the gap between JPEG capture and raw, the WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) mode is also available. If the scene has dark shadows and bright highlights, WDR mode will retain better detail in those areas.

Burst Mode: Bursts of photos can be taken during high-action sequences to ensure that you capture the moment. The camera's buffer can fit up to 30 photos from a single burst, and burst durations can be set from six seconds to one second, effectively offering a 30fps burst of 12MP photos.

Time Lapse Mode: Record clouds floating by, traffic snaking through cityscapes, or stars and constellations tracing their way across the sky with the time lapse mode. Set your interval from a picture every 1/2 second to every minute for different effects.

GoPro Apps

GoPro apps Capture and Quik allow you to access and edit your GoPro footage with simple to use yet powerful functions. There's also GoPro Plus, which lets you access your GoPro content on the cloud. 

GoPro Capture (iOS/Android)
Use your iOS or Android device to live-preview and play back shots, control your GoPro, and share on the fly. 
- Live preview makes it easy to frame the perfect shot 
- Get full remote control of all camera functions 
- Share photos and videos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more 

GoPro Quik (iOS/Android)
Edit videos with just a few taps. 
- Analyze your photos and video clips to find great moments 
- Adds transitions and effects, and sync everything to the beat of the music 
- Customize your story with text, filters, music, and more 

GoPro Quik | Desktop (Mac/Windows)
Import and edit your videos with just a few clicks. 
- Transform your footage into edited videos synced to music 
- Automatically import your photos and videos and share your best shots 
- Comes bundled with GoPro Studio for more advanced editing 


Hero 5 Black 

  • Size: 62 mm x 44.6 mm x 33.7 mm
  • Weight: 117g (with battery), 90g (only camera), 144g (with battery and )

Waterproof up to 10m,  separately available SuperSuit housing for up to 40m waterproof.

  HERO5 Black
QuikStories Enabled
Connects to GoPro App
Auto Upload to Cloud
5GHz Wi-Fi for Offload to Phone  
5.2K N/A N/A
3K N/A N/A
4K 30, 25 Wide 
24 SuperView, Wide
4K (4:3) N/A N/A
2.7K 60, 50, 48, 24 Wide, Medium, Linear
30, 25 SuperView, Wide, Medium, Linear
2.7K (4:3) 30, 25 Wide
1440p 80, 60, 50, 48, 30, 25, 24 Wide
1080p 120 Wide, Narrow
90 Wide
80 SuperView
60, 50, 48, 30, 25, 24 SuperView, Wide, Medium, Linear, Narrow
960p 120, 60, 50 Wide
720p 240 Narrow
120, 60, 50 SuperView, Wide, Medium, Narrow
100 SuperView
30, 25 Wide, Medium, Narrow
WVGA 240 Wide
Video File Format MP4 (H.264)
Max Video Bit Rate 60Mb/s
Megapixels 12MP
Burst Rates (frames/sec) 30/1, 30/2, 30/3, 30/6, 10/1, 10/2, 10/3, 5/1, 3/1
Time Lapse Photo Intervals 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, 60 seconds
Continuous Photo Capture
Burst Mode
Night Photo
Time Lapse Photo
Time Lapse Video
Night Lapse Photo
Video + Photo
Wi-Fi + Bluetooth®
Simple One-Button Control
Advanced Wind Noise Reduction
  • (3-mic processing)
Voice Control

Wake on Voice

Video Stabilization

Spherical Capture

Stereo Audio
360 Audio  
HDR Photo Capture  
Touch Zoom  
Auto Low Light
HiLight Tag
Fast Charging
  • (With accessory, sold separately)

3.5mm Audio Mic In
  • (With accessory, sold separately)

HD Video Out
  • (With accessory, sold separately)

Karma Compatible
Exposure Control
RAW Photo Capture
  • (.GPR Format)
RAW Audio Capture
  • (.WAV Format)
Waterproof Design
  • 33ft (10m)
Status Screen
Touch Display
GP1 Chip  

Micro HDMI

USB Port


Memory Storage microSD with at least Class 10 or UHS-I rating (sold separately)
Microphones 3
LEDs 3
Battery Removable 1220mAh lithium-ion rechargeable

HERO5 Black Camera Battery-life​:

*Based on GoPro engineering testing. Actual performance may vary based on settings, environmental conditions and other factors. Maximum battery capacity will normally decrease with time and use.

  Video Only   Video +

Video Stabilization

Video +

Video Stabilization

+ GPS + Wi-Fi ON
 Video Mode  Estimated Time Estimated Time   Estimated Time
4K/30 W 1h 30m N/A 1h 20m (stabilization off)
2.7K/30 W 1h 49m 1h 40m 1h 30m
1080/60 W 2h  1h 50m 1h 30m
1080/30 W 2h 30m 2h 5m 1h 45m
720/120 W 2h 20m N/A 1h 40m (stabilization off)


Focal length equivalent for all FOVs:

Wide FOV

Medium FOV 21mm
Narrow FOV 28mm

Horizontal, vertical, and diagonal degrees for all FOVs:

  V.FOV deg H.FOV deg Diag. FOV deg

4 x 3 W


122.6 149.2
4 x 3 M 72.2 94.4 115.7
4 x 3 N 49.1 64.6 79.7
16 x 9 W 69.5 118.2 133.6
16 x 9 M 55 94.4 107.1
16 x 9 N 37.2 64.4 73.6
In the box
  • GoPro HERO5 Black
  • The Frame for HERO5 Black and HERO6 Black
  • Rechargeable Battery for HERO5 Black and HERO6 Black
  • Curved Adhesive Mount
  • Flat Adhesive Mount
  • Mounting Buckle
  • USB Cable
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