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Come join the Prokaamera family and you will always have better prices and special offers!

Our discount card owners always get better prices in our online shop.


Terms and conditions of the discount card:

The discount card costs 4,99€. You can also purchase our discount card directly from our stores.

Locations of the stores can be found here:  Contact


The discount card is digital - we will make you a personal account in our system and afterwards you can get the discount prices with just saying your name to the sales representative at the store.


Gradual discounts for discount card owners for products and services in our stores and webstore.

How do i get the discount card price when i order online?

1.) If you already have our discount card, enter our discount number to the correct box in the shopping cart, and the discount will apply.

2.) If you do not have our discount card yet, just add it to your shopping cart and the discount will apply at checkout.

The discount does not apply for products/services that already have a discount price. Also the discount does not apply on products/services that have a fixed price. Different discounts will not be summed up.
PS! The discount only applies for GoPro and DJI mounts and accessories, if not stated otherwise.

The discount card is also valid on  garmineesti.ee  and nutistuudio.ee websites in compliance with the terms and conditions stated on those online stores.